Hi friends, My 2 new albums "Another Time, Another Face" and "Finding My Way..." have just been released!! They are both now available thru digital download, or as a physical CD, thru my Distributor- CDBaby.com. "Another Time Another Face" is a Covers album (other peoples songs) with 13 songs from the late 60s early 70s timeframe. "Finding My Way..." contains 12 new original songs (written by NBO) with one Bob Dylan cover included, for a total of 13 new recordings. All have been submitted to Itunes, Rhapsody, etc...and will soon be avail on all the digital sites. We love the new recordings and I am really happy with the overall quaility and mixes. Hope you enjoy them too! Please tell me what you think in my guestbook...thanks, blue
Hey, People have been wondering whats happening with the new albums. Well the originals album is basically complete. 12 songs done and 99% mixed. The covers album has 3 songs complete and 7 to 10 partially done. I have run short on money, so we are on hold for a couple months til funds begin to roll in again. Anybody who knows me, knows I never did learn how to hurry anything, so we will get it done when we do, right? I am excited. The stuff sounds great!
Hi guys, I'm so glad to be reaching out to you all again. I know... I have been away for awhile, but we're back, and with a very cool announcement, and a chance for some of you to participate... if you want to.... So... first, some Big, Big, news! I have been talking to Ryan Tilby, (Co-Producer of my last release-"Peace & Harmony) and we have scheduled Studio time in April, to start work on 2 new Album projects. Yes- you heard right. We are going to record 2 albums at once! The first, will be a new album of neil bradley owen originals. I have been on the road most of 2009, and since most of my writing is done on the road, I have notebooks full of new songs, that need to be recorded. The Second project... will be a complete album of "cover" songs. For those of you who are unsure what that means- "Cover's" are songs that are re-done by someone other than the original artist. I have always done alot of covers, in my live performances, and we also included 2 old covers on my last release- "Peace & Harmony" which were very well recieved. So...we have decided to do a whole album of them during this next recording session. As we began to think about this, I decided I wanted to involve those of you who have supported me and my music, through these last few years, by having you help me select which songs to "Cover." So... with that in mind, I invite all of you to send me Titles and Artists, of any songs you think could stand to be redone, and receive the neil bradley owen treatment. If a song you send to me is included on the album, you will receive 1- A Free House Concert, at a location we can agree upon, and 2- Free CD's for all those attending! Now, a couple of thoughts- First- keep in mind my style (very laid-back and bluesy). If necessary, have a re-listen to the 2 old covers we re-did on the Peace & Harmony album -"For What Its Worth" and "Suzi Q". Great covers must be well aged. In other words- the proper amount of time must have passed for it to be appropriate to be re-done. Second- the new arrangement must work in a new way. So... that being said- older songs from the 60's, 70's, & 80's would work best. Pearl Jam, Coldplay or Muse probably won't work for me. 2009 was quite a year. I was on the road most of the year. I traveled from Utah, to upstate New York, and then all the way back to southern California. Made lots of new friends. I have 2 great kids out on missions, for our church- Jeff in Poland and Ashley in Hungary. It's been a wonderful year, as well as exausting. I am very exited to be going back in to the studio. I am starting to schedule Shows for this summer season, and hopefully we will have new music to promote! I will keep you updated over these next few weeks, as we get ready to Record. Send your suggestions to me at the email address below, or go directly to my website, and find me under the "Contact Neil" link.
What a summer! I've finished my backyard landscape which had been in progress for 8 years, just in time for Pam & Shane's wedding, on June 6th. Played half a dozen shows around southern Utah which I don't normally do, then headed to Central California, where I did a mini tour of the Central Coast area. I finished that 2 week tour with a River rafting trip down the Middle Fork of The American River. It's been a awesome summer! A few more shows this summer, then September will bring me back to California for a couple of months. Hope to see some of you soon! much love, blue
Hey, Just had a great weekend at The Telluride Blues Festival, where I was fortunate enough to win their "Solo Acoustic Blues Challenge", which earned me a NEW Gibson guitar, some cash, and most importantly the honor to play on the Mainstage during the Festival Saturday afternoon in front of 10,000 blues fans. Needless to say, - I had a real cool weekend at Telluride!
Hey friends, I am scheduling some cool 2008 summer stuff now and I have also been submitting to some songwriter contests and Festivals. Hope we get a chance to perform at some near you. I am in Texas now for a couple weeks, then on my way to Chattanooga Tn. for a few weeks. keep in touch!, blue
Hello, Played last night to a nice crowd in the Hurricane City Park, here in my hometown. Had Dave Jones from Phoenix, up to sit in with me, as well as Steve Flaig doing drums and percussion. Played for an hour... including lots of tunes off the new record. About 150 in attendance, had a great time. The prior weekend I played The Alpine City Park to a similar size crowd. I do love these outdoor shows! Something very cool about people bringing blankets and lawn chairs to kick back and listen to me sing. seeya soon! blue
The new CD was at the house when I arrived back home from California. I am really happy with the songs and the quality of production. I hope those of you who have rcvd it already, will feel free to stop by my guestbook and leave a comment or two! Just played my first 2 shows this summer in Phoenix and both went great. The Fiddlers Dream show was all acoustic and gave me my first opportunity to play many of the new tunes live. The following night at the Avondale Borders, I had my old buddy Dave Jones sit in with me on Lead guitar. Man was Dave hot. With no rehearsals he played flawlessly all night to an appreciative group of fans. A great thrill for me to have Dave sitting next to me again as we have shared many stages in the past as members of the "Bums". I am hoping to free Dave up enough to allow him to play some other dates with me this summer. hope to see some of you soon, blue
Hello, just completed the final proofs on the CD jacket and design. The title will be "Peace & Harmony" which is the title of one of the tunes. 13 songs total with a very laidback live studio feel. Should be available for consumption in a couple weeks. I'm in California now for the next 3-4 weeks. Have played twice here to very receptive audiences and I'm really looking forward to having the new music available soon.
Hello, I have been sending out some e-mails trying to keep everyone up to date on how the new Recording is coming. We finished the basic tracking for 13 songs the week of Jan 15 thru 19th. We are now in the Cleanup/Mixing phase. The Rough recordings are sounding great and I'm really exited about the new CD. keep in touch, Blue
Hi friends, Had to go to Tn. for 3 months to earn a living, but I'm back home now and preparing to go back in to the Studio to complete my latest project, which I began this last summer. Working title is "They Call Me Blue." I will be recording up in the Provo/Orem area this time with my good friend Ryan Tilby, and some other special guests, and I hope to have a new CD available in the next few months. Hope to see you or hear from you soon. Don't feel shy about leaving me a message in my guestbook, wish me luck, and Happy New Year, blue
As always I had a great weekend in Highland and American Fork. We ending up doing an impromptu House Show on Janiec's front porch on Thursday night playing lots of old Pop Songs from the 70's including- " It's Too Late", "My Sweet Lady" and "Brown Eyed Girl". We then did the House Concert on Friday Night which got moved to Dave & Karen's house in Highland, Utah. Got to do some tunes I haven't sung in ages like- "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You", the old Elvis tune. Also debuted a couple of songs I've just written- "Just Be Cool" and what I'm sure will soon become a blues Classic - "She Don't Want Me But, She Can't Live Without My Dog Jake". The Border's show was very slow at first, but picked up steam and I had a descent crowd for the last hour. I did a couple of covers including- "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight", as well as some of my Front Porch Prose material. Thanks Happy Valley for a great weekend! I am off to Tennessee in a couple weeks.
Hi, I had a full band with me at this show and we were able to do alot of my original material as well as some covers that I don't normally get to play when I do my solo shows. Great fun! Ryan Tilby on guitars and Mandolin, Steve Lemmon on Bass and Nic Chamberlin on Drums. Some of the tunes included- bringin home the bacon, it's about you , train to catch, cosmetic surgery blues as well a a few covers including- call me the breeze, drift away, I can see clearly now and stormy monday. you shoulda been there!
3 of my songs (mekong Delta, goin fishin & train to catch this mornin) were entered and selected as "Honorable Mention" winners, in the Rockygrass Folk and Bluegrass Festival held at Lyons Colorado, in late August. This is quite an honor for me as there were over 900 entries from all over the world. I did much better in the Founder's Festival in July, but the ROCKYGRASS FESTIVAL is 10 times bigger, so to place in the top 20 is a great honor with so many entries.
Hello friends, My weekend at Snowbird for the Festival went great. I not only got to meet and see some of my own favorite Singer/Songwriters like Greg Brown, Cliff Eberhardt and Christine Lavin, but I managed to come away with 1st place in the Songwriter's Showcase sponsored by KCRL Radio. Myself and ten other songwriters from all over the country, played 2 songs each and were judged on songwriting, stage presence, & vocal/instrumentation ability. I played "Goin Fishin"" and "How Long Can the Mekong Delta Last." Susanne from KCRL was a wonderful host. For winning, I now get to look forward to appearing and performing at next years festival as one of the regular acts with a scheduled 45 minute set. Great Fans, Great weather, Great location, Great music!
Hi friends, Looks like I will get to perform a couple of my tunes on Sat, July 8th at Snowbird, Utah, as one of ten finalists from around the country, at the IAMA Bluegrass and Folk Festival. Should be fun. Greg Brown , one of my songwriter heroes is the headliner.
Mountain Town Stages in Park City chose "Mekong Delta" as the first tune on their "Local Wonders 2" compilation CD release. As the CD was released, I was interviewed by my friend and Park City local-Randy Barton on his radio show, where we got a chance to discuss the origins of the song. Lots of fun for me as I was in Maryland at the time and got to call in to Randy's show which was "Live" at the time. Thanks Randy!
This was a fun Songwriters Circle with 3 other Songwriters from the Cedar City area. Had a bad cough this week but I was able to get through my 4 songs without any problems. I did - Goin Fishin, Baby Blues, Mekong Delta and ended with Cosmetic Surgery Blues. Tim and Lisa at Groovacious were great hosts. I have a busy Spring planned. I will be heading out to Washington DC /Maryland area for 6 weeks starting in Feb. and then back to the California central coast area for April and May. Hope to see you at a show real soon!
Hi friends, ... this is the new site. I have been so frustrated with the old site, and it being so difficult to keep updated. This new Host has solved all those problems for me and I will now be able to keep my calendar of performances current, and keep those of you who occasionally visit me here, up to speed on what I'm up to. I also hope to be adding some new recordings soon... keep an eye out!

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